How to unlock the Verglas Curve exotic seasonal bow in Destiny 2: Lightfall

It’s buried in the season pass system

There was a huge uproar when Bungie started adding microtransactions into Destiny back in the day via the Eververse, but the community has settled into it: as well as season passes on top of that. Here’s how to pick up the Verglas Curve seasonal bow, whether you’re a free or premium pass holder.

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The Verglas Curve seasonal bow is linked to the Season of Defiance season pass

There are currently two ways to get the Verglas Curve exotic bow during the Season of Defiance:

  • Play through level 35 on the free track of the Season of Defiance season pass
  • Buy the premium pass and unlock it instantly

As soon as you can access the Director (the screen where all the planets are), you’ll want to head to the “Season 20” menu at the top and select it.

How to unlock the Verglas Curve exotic seasonal bow

While you’re on the Season of Defiance menu, you’ll be able to view the seasonal rewards therein.

If you’re a premium pass member, you’ll highlight the Verglas Curve item and select it. Congrats! If you’re a free track player, you’ll unlock it at level 35. Select it the same way you would if you were a premium pass member.

Verglas Curve bow stats and info

Lore/flavor text: “A volley of solutions to any disruption.”

The Verglas Curve combat bow grants players bonuses for final blows: which provide stasis arrows. A hip-fire shot will “fire all of them in a single volley,” which is fantastic for single-target damage.

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