How to unlock the Recall ability in Tears of the Kingdom

This one doesn’t require a shrine to unlock

Link has four core abilities in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, all of which you’ll get from the tutorial zone. The first three are acquired from shrines, but the fourth (Recall) is more entwined with the story. Here’s how to unlock it.

You’ll unlock Recall at the Temple of Time near the end of the tutorial

Complete all three tutorial shrines, then ride the airplane contraption down into the Temple of Time, at the north end of the tutorial zone.

Enter the room, and after a short spoilery cutscene, you’ll unlock Recall.

How the Recall ability works

Although you won’t need to finish a shrine to use it (yet!), you’ll have the chance to test out Recall immediately after acquiring it. Recall allows an object to “rewind” itself in time, completely separate from the rest of the game world. So if you move a board upward then allow it to drop, Recalling it will let it rise back up in the air (while you’re standing on it, too). This also applies to rocks falling from the sky or contraptions that move.

Take a look at either the left or right contraption in front of you. Walk over to either side, select Recall with the L button, then trigger it on either gear. They’ll start rotating backward, which allows Link to jump on them and ride them up to the middle platform. Leap off, then repeat the same process for the contraption leading upward.

That’s it! Recall tutorial completed. Now you’re almost ready to dive into the full open world.

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