How to unlock the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker EX trials

Endwalker EX trials 1

The new expansion doesn’t stray too far from the formula

If you’re looking for the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker EX Trials, you just need to head to Old Sharlayan after you finish the main story.

For the purposes of spoilers, this article won’t mention any trial by name. It’ll just mention the number of trials the expansion has.

Endwalker EX trials location

Where to find the Endwalker EX trials quest

Surprise! Except it’s not actually a surprise at all! The Wandering Minstrel is back, and they’re ready to regale you with the tales of Endwalker EX Trials (endgame boss fights that rework existing battles from the main story quest).

You just need to head to Old Sharlayan after you finish the main story. Go to the coordinates X:12.6 and Y:14.2.

There are actually two EX trials to pick up, as is customary at the start of an expansion. You’ll find the EX trial that takes place near the middle of the story, as well as the one that takes place near the end.

The trial that happens at the very end before the credits roll isn’t available in EX form yet. That’s set to appear in a future patch. For now, you have the traditional two EX trials at the expansion launch, with the accessory and weapon reward style. By finishing them a certain amount of times you can earn totems, which you can turn in for weapons/gear.

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