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How to unlock Rebella Wetlands Skyview Tower in Tears of the Kingdom

You don’t need to head skyward for this one

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It’s time for another tower! I can’t stress how important these are in Tears of the Kingdom, especially when you put the newfound “cannon shot” transportation method they provide into context. Here’s how to find and unlock the Rebella Wetlands Skyview Tower.

You’ll find the Rebella Wetlands Skyview Tower southeast of Central Hyrule

Heading southeast, you’ll see the Rebella Wetlands Skyview Tower in plain sight near the edge of the map. It’s very easy to get to on foot, as the mountains have ample foothills; while providing a ton of vertical reach for you to glide down, even with a short stamina bar.

The precise location of the Rebella Wetlands Skyview Tower tower can be found on the map above.

How to solve the puzzle of the Rebella Wetlands Skyview Tower

When you approach the Rebella Wetlands Skyview Tower, you might notice that it’s raining: which puts a literal damper on an easy opportunity to burn out those thorns. The rain is going to extinguish your fire, but there’s a really easy workaround.

Simply grab a handful of boards and make them into a scaffolding. Lift the makeshift cover into the air and place it in between the two existing pieces of scaffolding. Viola! You’ll be able to burn down the thorns with Fire Fruit or any other elemental attack/ability.

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