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How to unlock Merry Magoland in Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe

You’ll get it really early

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Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe has a few extras in store for folks who are getting it the second time around: including the Merry Magoland minigame center. Here’s how to unlock it, and what it actually entails.

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What is Merry Magoland?

Merry Magoland is a minigame mode that allows up to four players to compete in an array of minigames.

The full list of games includes:

  • Egg Catcher
  • Kirby on the Draw
  • Checkerboard Chase
  • Bomb Rally
  • Booming Blasters
  • Crackity Hack
  • Ninja Dojo
  • Magolor’s Tome Trackers
  • Samurai Kirby
  • Samurai Kirby 100 (the only solo game)
  • Smash Ride

You can earn stamps here, which in turn will unlock more bonuses and masks to use in both Merry Magoland or the main game. In fact, you can even swap instantly to story mode with the X button, or back to Merry Magoland while playing story mode. With drop-in and drop-out multiplayer, it makes it really easy to instantly change the vibe and accommodate more people: or just chill out on your own after a big co-op session.

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How to unlock Merry Magoland

After clearing the first level in the main game, you’ll unlock Merry Magoland. That was quick!

Immediately after unlocking the minigame zone, you can bring all four players along and partake in every core minigame (minus Samurai Kirby 100). As you play each minigame, more difficulty levels will unlock. This typically signifies a gradual increase in challenge, but higher levels can also simply change the layout of a minigame, and create new experiences (like more things to shoot in Kirby on the Draw, and so on).

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