How to unlock Mass Effect: Andromeda’s missing tech skill

Remnant VI will be yours

Newly outset Pathfinders in Mass Effect: Andromeda are free to customize their Ryder in whatever ways they see fit. From appearance to weapon loadouts to skills and abilities — Andromeda does enough role-playing game stuff to allow you to tailor your own approach.

Those who have skill points to spend can put them into any of the game’s 36 different abilities spread across the combat, biotic, and tech categories. Well, almost. There are actually only 35 abilities available at first, with one of the tech skills being locked off as unknown. It’ll take a bit of advancing through the story and a commitment to a sidequest before this one opens up.

Here’s how you get that last tech skill. Shortly after acquiring Asari companion Peebee, she’ll send an email about a secret project she’s working on. She needs Ryder to go to the planet Voeld to acquire a piece of Remnant technology. The encounter is a typical throwaway Mass Effect: Andromeda battle. Just wipe out a handful of baddies and recover the Rem tech. It shouldn’t take long.

With that in tow, return to your ship and deliver it to Peebee. She’ll say that she needs a bit of time, but that you should meet her in her apartment on the Nexus. Immediately fly there and jog up to her living quarters. When she opens the door, you’ll see what she has been working on. It’s a Remnant enemy that she has reprogrammed to fight for your side. She named it Poc and it’s kind of cute.

Now that unknown skill has been filled in. It’s called “Remnant VI” and it can be upgraded just like any of the other abilities. Put enough points into it and Poc can make a real difference for your team, almost like having a third companion.

One of Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s defining features in an absolutely staggering amount of side content. It often feels impossible to know what’s a priority and what’s not. Helping Peebee out with her secret project should be on your to do list. It’ll offer some interesting insight as to what makes Peebee tick and you’ll also end up with a new Remnant buddy. That seems like a good use of your time.

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