How to unlock fast travel in Tears of the Kingdom

Finish the tutorial first, and you’re good to go

Fast travel is a huge convenience in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and it returns for Tears of the Kingdom. Here’s how to unlock it, and how it works in the sequel.

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After acquiring Recall, head upward into the next door to unlock fast travel

After completing the third shrine in the tutorial zone, you’ll head back to the Temple of Time to claim a new power: Recall. Directly following that sequence, you’ll make your way upward into the Temple of Time (full guide here), where you’ll enter a chamber.

Watch the cutscene, and you’ll gain the opportunity to fast travel! Note that all you need to do from here on out is open up the map in the pause menu, then select a shrine (or point of interest like a dungeon or a tower), denoted by a big blue icon. If the text “travel” appears, you can select it and confirm with A, allowing you to fast travel to that location.

Remember that fast travel works both at ground level, above, and below

Fast travel is typically used at the ground level of Hyrule, but it can also be used in the sky and the depths.

To change maps, all you need to do is press up or down on the d-pad to swap: then select a fast travel point you have access to. Shrines exist in the sky, and there are fast travel points in the depths!

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