wanted: dead easy mode unlock guide

How to unlock Easy Mode in Wanted: Dead

And you get some cat ears into the bargain, too!

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110 Industries’ wild, cyberpunkian adventure Wanted: Dead has been let loose upon the world, exposing its utterly merciless challenge to PC and console players everywhere. As we noted in our review, it’s a rock-solid title, with precise melee action, spongey enemies, and brutally distanced checkpoints.

The brutal challenge of Wanted: Dead is all part and parcel of the experience, with the default difficulty of “Normal”, an optional “Hard”, and the reward of “Japanese Hard” once you complete the game for the first time. But if you and Lt. Hannah Stone are having too tough a time against the battalion of Trash Mobs thrown your way, then we’re here to help, with a guide to unlocking a secret “Easy Mode”.

How to unlock “Neko-Chan Mode”

If you want to make Zombie Unit’s mission a little less suffocating, then get yourself to the Wanted: Dead title screen and simply tap Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, and Right. You should hear an old-school chime, and the save icon will appear in the bottom right of the screen. And, when you next start a New Game, you’ll have unlocked the “Neko-Chan Mode” option, which reduces the overall difficulty of the game’s combat.

As a bonus, Hannah Stone will also don a cute pair of cat ears. And why not?

Wanted: Dead is available now on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.

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