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How to unlock Donut Master in Anime Defenders

Donut wait too long to get this Mythic.

Anime Defenders offers quite a few interesting units to unlock, from Elf Wizardess to Warrior Princess. However, one Mythic has been gaining some traction, which is none other than the Donut Master. Find out how to unlock it in Roblox’s Anime Defenders.

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How to get Donut Master evolution in Anime Defenders

Embarking on the journey to the Donut Master begins with obtaining the Donut Warrior Mythic in the Limited Banners. This unit is a rare find, with a mere .25 percent chance of acquisition. Brace yourself for a slow but steady challenge that will likely require a significant amount of Gems to overcome. You can earn these Gems by completing quests, using codes, or through the AFK Zone.

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Once you’ve managed to unlock the Donut Warrior, the next step is to evolve it into Anime Defenders’ Donut Master. This evolution requires three Donuts of Prosperity, which can be crafted using specific materials. The recipe for these Donuts is as follows:

  • 4 Star Rifts (Blue)
  • 4 Star Rifts (Red)
  • 11 Star Rifts (Yellow)
  • 1 Star Rift (Rainbow)
  • 4 Star Rifts (Purple)

Star Rifts can be earned from the Challenges section. For example, Mob City’s The Mentor’s Legacy can drop Yellow, Blue, Red, and Rainbow Star Rifts. Check out this area to see which ones are available, as they will change over time.

There’s also a cost of 9,000 Gold to craft a Donut of Prosperity. You can get Gold in Anime Defenders by completing quests, challenges, and selling units. After you’ve acquired three Donuts of Prosperity, head over to the Evolving area to exchange them, along with your Donut Warrior Mythic.

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When you’ve successfully unlocked the Donut Master in Anime Defenders, you’ll gain access to a unit that can unleash devastating damage upon your enemies. The Donut Master also excels in support roles, ensuring your longevity on the battlefield.

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