How to survive the minecart ride without damage Resident Evil 4 remake

Always prioritize the crossbow enemies

In Chapter 11 of the Resident Evil 4 remake, you’ll go on not one: but two minecart rides! Sounds fun, right? Well, no! While Luis is having the time of his life, you actually need to pay attention if you want to trigger the Hope You Like Thrill Rides challenge.

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ABA – Always Be Aiming

Leon has infinite ammo in this section, which is really important to remember. Any and all errant bullets don’t matter, so long as you’re strategically reloading so you don’t get caught with an empty magazine when enemies appear.

Hold L2 constantly to aim and be ever vigilant: if the minecart tips over, you can simply move the analog stick to get it back on track. Aiming doesn’t interfere with the tipping element of the ride.

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Look left and right constantly: and be aware of the crossbow enemies

The crossbow enemies are your number one target!

They’ll appear to the left or the right side of your minecart track, and they need to be taken out immediately. Generally, it takes them 2-3 seconds to shoot an arrow at you that will damage the cart, which nullifies the entire challenge/run. They appear in a fixed pattern, but you can knock this out on the first try if you’re looking left and right at all times.

Turning up your sound can help clue you in when enemies appear (you’ll hear their trademark shouts or moans).

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Planks are another common source of damage and always come from the front

While looking around it’s easy to lose focus of what’s in front of you: and several times during both minecart runs, that includes planks.

Look at the front of the minecart out of the corner of your eye so you don’t miss any plank shots. Luis will audibly inform you that they’re coming, so turning subtitles on is another quick trick you can use to alert you that something is awry.

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Don’t worry about the Chainsaw Guy that much

The Chainsaw Guy appears in the second portion of the minecart section.

Don’t sweat him! He can only hurt you when he’s directly near your minecart, so you want to prioritize crossbow enemies first. When he draws near, that’s your cue to hit him with as many bullets as you can. Reload in-between his minecart rushes to ensure that you have enough bullets to stave him off.

If you aced the first minecart section, keep that autosave (or save) on file

The game will “remember” that you did the first minecart section without taking damage. If you cleared it, you don’t need to do it again.

Saving after you perfectly clear the first minecart section is recommended if you’re going for the challenge (which includes Professional Mode), but an autosave will work too.

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