How to start the Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures sidequest in FFXIV

Hildibrand’s back!

“Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures,” the fourth quest line in Final Fantasy XIV‘s fan-favorite Hildibrand saga, has arrived with patch 6.35. Hildibrand quests are always popular among FFXIV players for their irreverent sense of humor, but this time around, they’re also a prerequisite for unlocking the sought-after Manderville Weapons.

Whether you’re after some shiny new weapons or simply interested in continuing one of the most popular side stories in the game, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to start the “Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures” line.

If you’re coming back for more:

If you’ve been down the Hildibrand road before and you’re simply tuning in for the next installment of this ridiculous saga, then you only need to complete a few simple steps. First, ensure you’ve completed every Hildibrand quest line up to this point—these include “Hildibrand Adventures,” “Further Hildibrand Adventures,” and “Even Further Hildibrand Adventures.” Then double-check that you’ve finished the Endwalker MSQ by completing the level 90 quest “Endwalker.”

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Now all you’ve got to do is accept the first quest in “Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures.” That quest is “The Sleeping Gentleman.” Per the handy official Final Fantasy XIV online database, you can accept it from the Excitable Youth in Radz-at-Han at X 11.8, Y 11.2.

If you’re just getting started:

Maybe the Manderville Weapons have prompted you to start down the Hildibrand journey. Maybe you’ve only just heard of Hildibrand and you’re excited to see the beloved story for yourself. Whatever the case, if you’ve never dipped your toes into the Hildibrand saga before, welcome. You’re in for something truly unique.

Unfortunately, you can’t jump right in from “Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures.” You’ll have to work your way up to it, starting at the very beginning with “Hildibrand Adventures,” a quest line that’s downright ancient at this point. To start it, you’ll need to complete “A Realm Reborn,” the level 50 quest that caps off FFXIV‘s first major campaign. Once you’re done with that, you’ll need to accept the quest “The Rise and Fall of Gentlemen” from Wymond in Ul’Dah at X 9.8, Y 8.7. From there, every quest should lead into the next somewhat naturally.

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If you ever get lost on the Hildibrand trail, you can always consult that online database, which has information on every Hildibrand quest in order. Happy Hildibrand-ing.

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