How to start the Remnant 2: The Awakened King DLC

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Remnant 2 The Awakened King DLC How to access

The first Remnant 2 DLC is here with The Awakened King, adding a new area and Archetype to the popular Soulslike Action RPG. Seeing as this is the first DLC, it can be a little confusing figuring out how exactly to access the DLC content. This is how to start the Remnant 2: The Awakened King DLC right away!

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Accessing the Remnant 2: The Awakened King DLC ‘One Shot’

With a bit of insight, developer Gunfire Games assumed players who picked up The Awakened King DLC would want to jump right into the new content. The first time any player jumps into Remnant 2 with The Awakened King DLC active, they are hard-coded to get an ideal roll of the new area for the first time. Even though the new Dran Coastal Town area of The Awakened King is the focus of the DLC, future rolls of the Losomn world can generate maps that utilize areas and dungeons from both the base game and the DLC.

If you look at the map at the top of this post, you will see that the map has all the new zones in it. That is being this is the map from my first time playing the DLC, which rolled the One Shot world. Nothing is required on the part of the player to roll the One Shot world. In fact, all you have to do is go to the Ward 13 Crystal and choose Losomn. The game will automatically create the optimal map.

In my opinion, this makes it extremely easy to complete most of the content from the DLC. That is, to kill the new bosses, unlock the Ritualist Archetype, and gather all the new gear for it. All the locations should be static and readily available for you the first time. However, in the future when you reroll Losomn in Adventure Mode, you may not get all the areas.

You now know how to start the Remnant 2: The Awakened King DLC so revisit Losomn and cleanse the chaotic madness of the Forlorn Coast!

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