How to solve the Possessive Hornswog puzzle in WoW Dragonflight 1

How to solve the Possessive Hornswog puzzle in WoW Dragonflight

It’s a three-part scavenger hunt

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From the very beginning, World of Warcraft was known for its various jumping puzzles and occasionally: treasure hunts. That tradition has carried on for every expansion, and now, it’s ready to go in Dragonflight.

Here’s a quick guide on how to solve the Possessive Hornswog puzzle.

How to find the Possessive Hornswog puzzle

You can find the Hornswog guarding a cave in the Dragonflight expansion: we found ours in the exact area circled above. It’ll also pop up on your minimap as a “Hornswog hoard.”

Near the Hornswog is a book, which provides hints on the three objects you’ll need to find for this puzzle. The clue is:

“Treasures held by one who croaks? Fear not, for I have an infallible hoax. One part bar of ivory slick to halt a most unwelcome kick. Seek out bubbles quite bizarre so that our simple trick might go far. One part prize of crescent gold, a wonderous flavor to behold. Find this bounty flung far and wide, only precious to those with fur pure white. And last but not least a pleasurable crunch, to give that ‘swog a delightful lunch. Abscond with a material so brittle and white it often gives everyone a fright.”

Thankfully, all of the items are in fixed places, and we have a full guide!

Step 1: Find the Well-Preserved Bone

Your first stop (there is no fixed order, so you can do it in any order you want) could be the Well-Preserved Bone, which is hidden atop a tower in the area marked above.

Fly up to the top with your mount, and pick up the bone lying on the ground on the highest ledge.

Step 2: Find Marmoni’s Prize

The next item is located inside of a stack of crates, in an encampment in the southwest corner of the map.

Just head to the back of the camp (behind a small tent, and a barrel with a tap on it) and look inside of the open crate.

Step 3: the Find Adventurer’s Lost Soap Bar

The Lost Soap Bar is due west of Marmoni’s Prize, inside of a small wooden tub.

It’s on the ridge heading into the very small camp in the area marked on the map above.

Step 4: Go back to the Possessive Hornswog and combine the items

Head back to the Hornswog, and combine the items you picked up on your adventures. It’ll move out of the way, and you’ll get the Roseate Hopper pet as a reward.


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