How to solve the dining hall puzzle in the Resident Evil 4 remake

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As I play through the Resident Evil 4 remake I continue to be intrigued at how Capcom has handled certain portions of the game; in regards to how they differ from the original. The dining hall puzzle is one of those cases that had me perk up: and given the reason you’re here, let’s look into the solution.

How to solve the dining hall puzzle in the Resident Evil 4 remake

Look at the wall to view the two table settings that you’ll need to locate.

To activate a seat you’ll need to match the above images with seats in the dining hall, and ring the bell on the table. You can’t just sit down at each seat and ring the bell as Leon: you need Ashley to join you in the ringing process at the same time. To accomplish this, you’ll press in the analog stick to “order” Ashley into one of the seats.

After you choose the other correct seat, a short scene will play that will show Leon and Ashley ringing bells, which will unlock the puzzle piece.

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The solution to the dining hall puzzle in theĀ Resident Evil 4 remake

These are the two seats both characters need to sit in: using the perspective from the paintings as a frame of reference.

Ring the bells as both characters (do the final one as Leon), and the gate will open: one puzzle piece down.

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