How to solve the Devastated Settlement puzzle in Jedi Survivor

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Devastated puzzle solution

A blocked passage

On the planet of Koboh, there’s a Devastated Settlement puzzle in Jedi Survivor that might confuse you. Moving obstacles around can be as irritating as Anakin hates sand. Here’s how to clear the black moss and open a blocked passage. Let’s get that Devastated Settlement puzzle in Jedi Survivor sorted.

How to figure out the Devastated Settlement puzzle in Jedi Survivor

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Devastated Settlement puzzle
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Nearby the first Devastated Settlement meditation point, you will find a chamber with a spinning blue dial. It can be swayed by your pushing or pulling with the Force. You’ll see a purple light beam in the background, according to how the dial is moving.

Don’t waste your time around the dial, however. Walk through the small opening in the wall behind it. Now, you’re on the other side, pull the big block on the higher platform towards you. Use it as a way to reach the higher platform. You should hear a cool reference to the Force’s musical theme throughout the Star Wars series at this moment. On your left, you’ll see a Force Echo. Grab it. It will give you a conversation between a Padawan and their master. As you proceed through this puzzle, you’ll realize it’s not as tricky as the Chamber of Reason.

Now, return to the original side and push the dial forward. It will get rid of the black moss on the left side. This is progress. Return to the orb’s side and pull it out. Aim it towards where the black moss once stood. Aim it at the blue light in that area and wait for the trajectory to go purple. Now, throw it.

How to move the orb

Moving orb Jedi Survivor Devastated Settlement puzzle
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Get on the other side and then pull the orb toward you. Bring it outside and lay it down on the ground. You’ll see a machine that interacts with it on the higher hill. Reach up to it and then bring the orb over. Place it inside the mechanism. Now, move the laser to the right. It has now cleared the moss that blocked the updraft. You can now ride it up and go to the next section of the Devastated Settlement in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Now that’s all settled. head back to your flying mount and ride the pulses of steam up above. You’ll see where the purple light got rid of the black moss. Ride that steam current up. Go right and you’ll see some weak battle droids ready to attack you. They have no idea what’s coming to them.

How to solve the second puzzle

There’s another Devastated Settlement puzzle you may need help with. During the third section of the level, you’ll find a puzzle section near a waterfall.

You’ll see a gate that only opens when the orb is inside the mechanism. It can be confusing to move the ball through a cage. Take a look on the right in the main room. You’ll see a large metal block. Pull it and put it in between the closed gate to stop it from falling.

Devastated Settlement Jedi Survivor puzzle 2
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Now, you can sneak the orb through and place it on the secondary mechanism.

Now, step outside and press down on the D-Pad. This will give you the BD-1 view. With your new gadget, press R2 (RT on Xbox) to spread a material. Chain the light’s energy to the black moss on the left.

Behind the moss, you’ll find the Precision perk and a Sense Echo.

Spreading the energy

Devastated Settlement Jedi Survivor puzzle 2 moving energy
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Head back into the central room, and you’ll see another black moss section to the left. Move the block in front of the purple light and then use BD-1’s ability to spread a path from the light energy to the moss. It will now clear.

Now, take the orb and place it inside the last mechanism behind the water. Once placed correctly and aimed at the right location, you can then go into the air and reach the top of the Devastated Settlement in Jedi Survivor

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