How to solve the Alignment Control Center puzzle in Jedi Survivor

You’ll need to locate all of the nodes

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor can get pretty cryptic with some of its puzzles, including the Alignment Control Center: which doesn’t provide any context to what the screens inside the area mean. Here’s how to decipher them.

Each Alignment Control Center node corresponds to an area on Koboh

Found in the Untamed Downs area, you’ll locate the Alignment Control Center on Koboh, likely toward the end of the game (though you can stumble upon it earlier). Inside you’ll find a series of screens: all of which correspond to a Meditation Chamber on Koboh: which are kind of like the Jedi Survivor equivalents of  Zelda: Breath of the Wild shrines.

Here’s a list of where all of the chambers/shrines are, which you can pinpoint using the maps in the control center:

  • You’ll get one chamber automatically as part of the story when you find Zee underneath Pyloon’s Saloon
  • Corroded Silo
  • Viscid Bog
  • Devastated Settlement
  • Mountain Ascent
  • Untamed Downs
  • Basalt Rift

In the end, you’ll get the “Upgrade” upgrade, which…upgrades your map to see upgrades. I hope you like upgrades!

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