How to skip the Wrecking Ball Wall in the Resident Evil 4 remake

Blow up the wall with some firepower of your own

TheĀ Resident Evil 4 remake has several “skips” baked into it, which allow you to breeze past certain sequences. We’ve already covered the village skip, now it’s time to focus on the wrecking ball area found in Chapter 14. Here’s how to skip it, and what items you need to use.

You can either use a rocket launcher or heavy grenades on the crack in the wall

Near the end of Chapter 14 (right after encountering a Merchant stop), you’ll reach a sequence that involves Leon and Ashley breaking open a cracked wall with a wrecking ball attached to a crane. Your job is to protect Ashley while tons of enemies flood the arena: but with the aforementioned skip, this entire zone will only take roughly 45 seconds to clear.

So there are two core methods to easily crack open the wall yourself and skip the wrecking ball sequence:

  • A rocket launcher (expensive at 80,000 Pesetas, but you can buy it from The Merchant right before the area)
  • Two heavy grenades

After you’ve triggered the cutscene (by walking up to the wall, then interacting with the crane), simply aim the rocket launcher at the above crack in the wall, or toss two heavy grenades in. We’ve tested both methods multiple times, and they both work.

Note that the infinite rocket launcher (if you’ve unlocked it) will function the same as the regular rocket launcher. We have a full guide on how to unlock it here.

Both the rocket and heavy grenades will weaken the wall so that one more crane smash will take it out

Immediately after using either method, Ashley will subsequently smash the wall with the wrecking ball once, and the way will be clear. This saves a considerable amount of time, money, and resources: as you won’t need to fight off the mob for multiple minutes.

Give it a shot (especially with the heavy grenades) if you’re looking to rush through the game on a subsequent run for an S or S+ rank!

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