How to restore honor in Warzone 2 Resurgence

Warzone 2.0 Ashika Island map guide

Bring honor to your squad

There is a somewhat secretive feature in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 Resurgence. Players have the chance to restore Warzone 2.0 Resurgence honor in each match they are in. This mini-mission comes with its own share of rewards for players to obtain.

How to restore honor in Warzone 2.0 Resurgence

Honor is a hidden challenge that is available in every match of Warzone 2.0 Resurgence. It isn’t actually a stat or progression mechanic in the game, in the same way that the Season 2 battle pass or other currency is. Instead, restoring honor involves a specific challenge that players can tackle.

Honor involves what happens on Ashika Island, specifically, when a teammate dies in battle. When this happens, the honor of the squad is lost. The only way to regain it is by finding the dog tag that your teammate dropped on the map. It will be found where they died and this only happens once per person in a match of Resurgence, even if the person dies multiple times.

All you need to do to restore honor in Warzone 2.0 Resurgence is to head to the location of your fallen ally and collect the dog tags. Once you do this, you will be notified that you have restored the honor of your team. Now, for those who play solo, it is possible to restore your own honor after you have died in a match.

You can go back to the location where you died after you come back into the match and find the dog tag there. What is notable is that only you or your teammates can pick up the fallen player dog tags. You don’t have to worry about an enemy coming by and picking them up before you have the chance to. That mechanic is saved for game modes like Kill Confirmed.

Honor restoration rewards

Since restoring honor in Ashika Island Resurgence isn’t that necessary, you might be wondering why you should do it in the first place. The reason behind this is because restoring honor is necessary for earning some special rewards in the middle of the match. You’ll earn money in the match each time you pick up a teammate’s dog tag.

More importantly, though, you’ll also earn yourself a nice UAV. This is fantastic for getting you or your teammate back on their feet after a tough loss in a fight. You’ll have some money to spend at the buy station for gear and a UAV to let you know where the enemies are around you. For these rewards alone, it is worth restoring your honor.

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