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How to restore health or gain shields on grind rails in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

Go to Mega City and get it done quickly

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With a new Fortnite season comes more quests, and some of them involve the Chapter 4 Season 2 grinding mechanic. Here’s how to easily finish the restore health or gain shields challenge in one match, directly after you drop in.

Step 1: Drop into Mega City and head into a building

You’ll want to immediately drop into Mega City (exact location above), which has plentiful healing/shield items and rails in a single convenient location.

It’s the ideal spot for quickly finishing this challenge, as you’ll have all the tools you need at your disposal.

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Step 2: Grab some health/shield items

Head into any building and start opening chests/grabbing all of the healing items you can find.

For reference, here is everything available to help you complete the grinding health/shield challenge in Chapter 4 Season 2:

  • Bandages
  • Medkit
  • Med-Spray
  • Chug Splash
  • Produce
  • Health/shield fish
  • Slurp Juice

Step 3: Grind on one of the many rails in Mega City and use health or shield items

Once you have several healing/shield items, go outside and start grinding on any rail (you may need to press “X” on Xbox or Square on PlayStation to attach to the rail), and use the above items while you’re grinding.

One option is to use two minor shield potions, then a major shield potion. You also have the choice of dropping off of a medium-sized ledge, losing some health, and using Med-Mist while on a rail. Chug Splash cans are also a great way to finish up this quest (and are plentiful in Mega City). Just aim at the rail itself to throw the cans downward, and they’ll explode on the rail and grant you health/shields.

Using any of these options will allow you to get the quest done quickly!

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