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How to register seahorses for races in Dave the Diver

It's off to the races!

After you obtain the Bug Net in Dave the Diver, you’ll be able to catch seahorses and shrimp! And if you speak to Yami in the Sea People Village, you can enter your seahorses in races against other seahorses. Here’s how you can catch your own seahorses and enter them in races.

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In order to participate in seahorse races, you need to have unlocked the Sea People Village and completed Linchen’s quest where she asks you to gather five escaped seahorses from around the village. Linchen can be found in the Arcade to the far right of the village. Her quest requires the Bug Net, which you can obtain from a VIP mission roughly at this point in the story.

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Talk to Yami

Speak to Yami after returning the five seahorses and you’ll get a free Jayakar’s Seahorse as well as a tutorial on racing.

The tutorial covers how to register seahorses from your inventory in races, as well as the mechanics of the racing minigame.

Different species of seahorses have different stats, and the higher-ranked ones definitely perform better in races. If you’re able to find a few seahorses with good stats, the races are a great way to earn easy Bei.

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Catch seahorses in the wild and store them

After a dive, if you have any seahorses in your inventory, you’ll be asked if you want to send your seahorses to the restaurant or if you want to keep them in your inventory. If you choose to send them to the restaurant, they get treated like any other ingredient, and Bancho will be able to use them to create dishes. If you choose to keep the seahorses, they’ll reappear in your inventory during your next dive. 

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If your next dive goes straight to the Sea People Village, you can register those seahorses with Yami!

You don’t need to go to the village on your next dive though. If you have other things to do first, you can finish your next dive with the seahorses still in your inventory. Upon returning to the boat, you’ll be prompted again on whether you want to cook or keep your seahorses. Keep choosing to keep your seahorses until you’re able to register them with Yami. Note that the seahorses will still take up space in your inventory, so if you have a lot of them weighing you down, you might want to stop by the village!

You can register a total of 50 seahorses, so feel free to stock up on multiple of your favorite species! I’ve chosen to just collect one of each.

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