How to prestige in The First Descendant
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How to prestige in The First Descendant

A level reset with benefits.

The First Descendant has a lot of mechanics and systems to remember, and sometimes, it’s hard to follow what exactly you’re doing– one of them being the prestige system. For those a little confused, or just looking to gain better understanding, here’s how Prestige works in The First Descendant.

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What are the Prestige requirements in The First Descendant?

To Prestige in The First Descendant, you will need a Crystallization Catalyst. If you have ever played Warframe, it’s the equivalent of installing a Forma onto your weapon or frame. 

Simply reach max level (40) on your Descendant or weapon, then apply one of these. Upon using a Crystallization Catalyst, your item will reset back to level 0, but you will also be able to assign an additional socket type.

This will be important for endgame building as upgraded modules cost more capacity. Since they cost more, you’ll want to add sockets that correspond with the more expensive mods, like the Rifling Reinforcements mods for your weapons or Increased DEF for your Descendants.

If you want to add another socket onto your items, you have to re-level them to 40.

The First Descendant Crystallization Catalyst
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What is the point of Prestige in The First Descendant?

As mentioned earlier, prestiging your items in The First Descendant will allow you to further customize your gear by adding matching socket symbols. When you do, you can cut the cost of an expensive mod by half when placing them with the corresponding socket.

By then, you should have heavily invested in base damage mods for your weapons and survival mods for your Descendants. Capacity will slowly go up with Mastery Rank, but it won’t be enough for upgraded mods. 

Does Prestige count toward Mastery Rank?

Prestige does not count toward your Mastery Rank in The First Descendant. Upon reaching level 40 for the first time on a Descendant or weapon, you won’t gain any more XP towards that. 

The only reason you would prestige your stuff is to get them ready for harder content in the game. 

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