How to play the Hide n Seek mode in Among Us

Among Us Hide n Seek

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Among Us burst onto the gaming scene in 2020, and has been a powerhouse ever since. It’s one of the easiest games to play on a variety of different platforms, and its mechanically simple yet socially complex gameplay is perfect or all ages and skill levels. We got a whole plethora of exciting announcements from The Game Awards this year, and one of them is that Among Us is getting a new game mode: Hide n Seek! So how does this new mode work, and how is it different from the base game? Let’s break it down.

The Crewmates are tasked with running around the ship and completing tasks as fast as they can, while the Imposter’s goal is to eliminate all of the Crewmates. There’s a timer on the top portion of the screen, and when the Crewmates complete tasks, that timer goes down faster. There’s also a danger meter under the timer that helps keep track of how close the Imposter is. When the Imposter is far away, the meter will be empty, and the closer they get, the more the bar will fill up, and as a nice touch, the music gets more intense, too. Be careful when your meter is red because that means the Imposter is right on your tail.

In the final moments of the game when the timer is approaching zero, the Final Hide will begin. During this phase of the game, the Imposter gets a power boost, a special Seek map, and a directional ping toward any remaining Crewmates. The pings will look like glowing red circles over their in-game avatar to the Crewmates. There are also a whole host of settings to help you customize your game to how you and your friends prefer to play, including Player Speed, Imposter Flashlight Size, and Ping Interval, just to name a few.

Well, that’s Among Us‘ newest game mode. Go hide, survive, and have fun!

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