How to play as Street Fighter’s Ryu in Monster Hunter: World

The arena quest is live for folks with SFV save data

Don’t be alarmed if you start seeing Street Fighter‘s Ryu running around in Monster Hunter: World. Capcom added a crossover quest today that lets you play as the big-footed “Martial Artist in White.”

You can find the quest by heading up to the Gathering Hub. Once there, just stroll over to the Arena Counter and post a quest called “Down the Dark, Muddy Path” found under the Challenges heading. It’s a battle against a gargantuan Barroth, and you’ll need to be Hunter Rank 3 or higher.

Currently, you can only initiate the quest if you have Street Fighter V data on your system. According to Capcom, the Street Fighter gear will be out for everyone “at a later date.”

As for the Ryu armor itself, the Smithy will forge it for you in the Workshop (it’s listed under “Full Armor Sets”). Here’s what it takes to craft: SFV Ticket x7, Monster Bone M x6, Earth Crystal x6, and Barroth Shell x5. With that in mind, it’ll take some time. My hammer smashin’ skills need work.

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