How to get & use Zonai Wings in Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom‘s contraptions are a ton of fun

You won’t have all the tools you need to craft crazy contraptions early on in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but it’s easy to make do with some of the low-tech creations: like the rudimentary airplane (Zonai Wings) in the tutorial zone. Here’s how to get it off the ground, and how to pilot it.

Initially, you’ll need to move around the Zonai Wing to glide it around

Near the end of the tutorial, after leaving a shrine, you’ll encounter a bird-like device. This is the Zonai version of an airplane: or more specifically at first, a glider. Place the plane into a “slot” tilted downward, and get ready to jump on it quickly. The device will follow the track, then glide downward after reaching the sky.

Here’s how to control it without any attachments:

  • Stepping on the nose will cause the plane to dive down
  • Stepping on each wing will shift the plane’s direction
  • Stepping on the back of the plane will stall it a bit (though without a power source like a fan, it won’t climb)

In this particular case in the tutorial, you’ll want to aim for the Temple of Time directly in front of you.

Later in the game you’ll gain access to Zonai tools to make things easier and bulk up the Zonai Wings

Planes can also be outfitted with fans to propel them forward (which makes taking off easier), as well as pilot devices that let you steer the plane manually.

Pick them up through Zonai device dispensers and save them for when you’re ready to explore the skies.

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