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How to open red chests in Jedi Survivor

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The developers of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor once again have brought in some classic Metroidvania sensibilities to the game; including sequence breaking and special chests that require some legwork to open.

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Red chests require a new BD-1 ability – Electro Dart

Odds are you’ll come across a red chest early in your adventure, but don’t fret too much: you cannot open them until you pick up a campaign-related ability. You’ll need to progress with the story until you reach the “Search for the Compass” quest, located on Koboh: which is a rescue mission dealing with a main character. Lead Cal through the “Fogged Expansne” zone to obtain the Electro Dart ability.

This essentially turns BD-1 into a little electric pistol, allowing you to lob darts to turn on specific switches.

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How to open red chests with Electro Dart

Once you have the Electro Dart ability, all you need to do is follow the circuitry of the chest and hit the device with your dart. This will open the circuit for the chest and allow you to loot it manually (like other green chests) with the R3 button.

This is mainly an attempt to ability-gate certain upgrades and drops, encouraging players to return to old areas or ensure that they don’t get too much gear early on.

Here’s a red chest to get you started – which contains the Arakyd Heavy grip

If you’re looking for a red chest to test the Electro Dart out, there’s a very easily located one just outside of Rambler’s Reach on Koboh. Looking at the map as it is oriented above, you’ll find it just due east of the main hub zone. Aim your Electro Dart at the device below the chest, then return to the box to open it up.

It contains an Arakyd Heavy grip.

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