How to make Dungeon Seals in Fae Farm

Get rid of starting over from the first level every time you enter the mines.


Dungeon Seals are a crucial item in Fae Farm as they allow players to permanently unlock levels in the Saltwater Mines. Without Dungeon Seals, players would have to start from the first level every time they enter the mines, making progress tedious and time-consuming. By crafting Dungeon Seals, you can skip directly to the already-unlocked door leading to the next floor of the mine, saving time and effort. Here’s how to craft Dungeon Seals in Fae Farm.

How to craft Seal Crafting Station in Fae Farm

Before you can start crafting Dungeon Seals, you’ll need to build a Seal Crafting Station. This station is where the magic happens! To build a Seal Crafting Station, follow these steps:

  • Head to your homestead.
  • Open the construction menu.
  • Select the Crafting tab.
  • Look for the Seal Crafting Station and choose it.
  • Place the Seal Crafting Station on your farm.

Building the Seal Crafting Station requires 20x Stone and 10x Copper Ore. These resources can be found on the first few floors of the Saltwater Mines. Once you have built the Seal Crafting Station, you’re ready to start crafting Dungeon Seals!

How to craft Dungeon Seals in Fae Farm

In Fae Farm, there are different types of Dungeon Seals that you can craft. Each seal requires specific resources. Let’s take a look at the different Dungeon Seals and their crafting recipes:

  • Copper Seals: 4x Copper Ore
  • Hammered Copper Seal: 8x Rough Citrine, 1x Copper Seal
  • Engraved Copper Seal: 12x Rough Peridot, 1x Copper Seal
  • Iron Seal: 4x Iron Ore
  • Hammered Iron Seal: 8x Rough Aquamarine, 1x Iron Seal
  • Engraved Iron Seal: 12x Rough Topaz, 1x Iron Seal

How to use Dungeon Seals in Fae Farm

Once you have crafted Dungeon Seals, it’s time to put them to use and unlock floors in the Saltwater Mines. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Enter the Saltwater Mines in Fae Farm.
  • Progress through the mine and unlock each floor by finding and activating the switches.
  • Once you have unlocked a floor, head to the altar located just inside the door.
  • Interact with the altar to place a Dungeon Seal within it.
  • This will permanently unlock the next floor, allowing you to bypass the previous levels and proceed deeper into the mine.

Dungeon Seals are a valuable resource that saves you time and effort in navigating the Saltwater Mines. Make sure to have enough Dungeon Seals on hand to unlock all the floors and explore the depths of the mine.

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