How to make 1 million dollars in 6 weeks

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Hey, you! Yea, you! Do want to make money quick? Do you want women, power and fast cars? Do you want to be snorting cocaine off a hooker within the next six weeks? Then all you need is “Destructoid’s Guide to Profit.” Now for a limited time you can get it for free. Right here.

  1. Make iPhone app.
  2. Sell iPhone app.
  3. Profit.

It’s really that easy. Look how succesful Social Gaming Network was with this model. They made 1 million dollars in just six weeks with their F.A.S.T. dogfighting game in which players can shoot down each other over their iPhone. That’s a whopping amount of money in a very short time and a testament that a viable business model can be made via the iPhone’s app store. Destructoid makes no guarantees that your app will sell as well, but if it is just as high quality then you could be pulling in up to $60,000 a day as SGN has done. SGN might even make it a bit easier on you as they are planning to license out the basic platform engine they used to create F.A.S.T. So get cracking, those hookers aren’t gonna be young forever you know.

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