How to join the Hogwarts Legacy House Cup on PlayStation

Think of it like a meta bonus event

Hogwarts Legacy has several PlayStation tie-ins, including a limited edition controller, an exclusive quest, and the “House Cup” promotion. Here’s how to access the latter, and what it does.

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To join the “PlayStation House Cup,” you’ll need to finish some website tasks

The House Cup PlayStation promo access is available straight on the PlayStation website. To participate in this Sony-exclusive out-of-game event, you’ll want to go to this link here (it may redirect you depending on your region).  Click “join the house cup,” and a sidebar will slide out on the left side of your browser.

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Here are the rewards for the PlayStation House Cup, and the trivia/quiz answers

Here are the rewards for participating in the PlayStation House Cup:

  • A sweepstakes entry (From Sony: two prizes will be awarded consisting of one Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition for PS5 and one PlayStation 5 Console Disc Edition)
  • House Cup avatar (answers for the quiz: late 1800s, “story,” Polyjuice Potion, “all of the above”)
  • Crest avatar bundle (answer for the quiz: Year 5)
  • Magical Beasts avatar bundle (answers for the quiz: Honeydukes, Ravenclaw)
  • Sorting Hat avatar

To “earn” a reward, you’ll need to do menial tasks like “watch a trailer for 30 seconds,” accept specific website terms, or click through certain links. Rewards come in the form of voucher codes, which you can redeem on your PlayStation account.

That’s basically it. If you want some avatar bundles for your PlayStation account, you can participate in a bit of busy work.

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The game also has a House Cup quest, so it’s kind of confusing

Hogwarts Legacy does have a legitimate “House Cup” quest, that serves as one of the last possible missions in the game. It is not related to the above promotional campaign from Sony.

You’ll need the meet the hefty level requirement of 34 though (far beyond the level needed to finish the game), and you’ll only unlock the ability to play through it after you finish the main story.

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