How to join the Freestar Collective Rangers in Starfield

There’s a new sheriff in town.

How to join the Freestar Collective Rangers

Starfield is full of various factions for you to join in classic Bethesda fashion. One of the most unique factions is the Freestar Collective Rangers, which is the rootin’ tootin’ law enforcement for various solar places like Akila City and Neon. Here’s what you can do to join the Rangers yourself as the new deputy.

How to join the Freestar Collective Rangers in Akila City

First and foremost, the only requirement you must meet before you can start the journey to joining the Freestar Collective Rangers is to complete the prologue mission in Starfield. After you get your first ship, the Frontier, you’ll be able to join the FC. All you need to do is head to the planet Cheyenne in the Cheyenne system.

Alternatively, you can wait until you reach the main story Constellation quest known as “The Empty Nest.” During this quest, your new companion, Sam Coe, will want you to travel with him to Akila City on the planet of Cheyenne.

Either way, the first time you visit Akila City, you’ll be greeted by a high-stakes hostage situation. This immediately forces you into the first quest to join the Freestar Collective Rangers. Your job here is to solve this hostage crisis.

Speak with the Marshal in charge and then it is up to you to be the negotiator. I recommend quick-saving before chatting with the Shaw Gang through the intercom and also increasing your Persuasion skill if you haven’t already.

When you speak with them, the optimal route to deal with this crisis is to persuade the outlaws once to get them to calm down and negotiate with you. Then you can even persuade them again after that to end the hostage situation peacefully and have them give themselves up.

On the other hand, if you aren’t able to pull that off, you can listen to their demands and work with the Marshal to resolve the situation, but this takes a bit longer to accomplish. Once the hostages are safe and sound, you’ll complete this first mission and the Marshal will guide you to Emma to formally join the Freestar Collective Rangers.

Talk with her and she will have a little initiation test for you. All you need to do is head on over to the mission board and take one mission of your choosing. Complete that mission and return to Emma to earn your badge and formal status as one of the select few Freestar Collective Rangers in the galaxy.

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