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How to heal and regain health in Octopath Traveler 2

Get healthy fast

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Like any classic RPG, Octopath Traveler 2 is all about HP. If you reduce your enemies’ HP to zero, you win. Conversely, if your HP falls to zero, you lose. In other words, restoring your health is integral to success.

If you’re just starting out, figuring out how to restore your health can be a little obtuse. Options that you might normally look for – such as a skill menu – don’t readily appear on your main menu. Fortunately, Octopath Traveler 2 streamlines the healing process, and it’s identical to the first game if you’ve already played it. Here’s what you need to look for.

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How to heal from your main menu

Once you’re in your main menu, the most obvious option is Healing. This will let you use select healing skills known by your current party, such as Castti’s skill First Aid. There are exceptions that won’t appear here. For example, healing skills Hikari can learn via his Challenge path action can only be used in battle. The same goes for Ochette’s beast skills and Castti’s concoctions. Keep this in mind as you manage your resources while you explore dungeons.

Curative items can be used via the Inventory option. Once you select this, press down to select the potion icon on the menu that pops up. This will show you all your healing items, arranged by their various effects. This is also where you can find nuts you’ve found that boost your max stats. Use those to strengthen your favorite characters!

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You can sleep too

Of course, this wouldn’t be a retro-style RPG if you couldn’t sleep at an inn. Inns can be found in virtually any town, and they restore your HP and SP to max for a pittance. In fact, if you use path actions like Inquire or Scrutinize on NPCs, you can even get inn discounts in certain towns. Don’t be afraid to use these to heal!

That said, if you’re just starting out in a protagonist’s prologue, you might not be able to visit an inn whenever you like. For some characters, you’ll have access to beds that can function as inns if you check them. Otherwise, note that leveling up automatically refills your HP and SP. In the early game, you’ll be leveling up frequently, so don’t be afraid to fight a few extra battles to level up before you take on a boss. No matter which protagonist you choose, keep yourself healthy as you explore Solistia!

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