How to get to the Dragon Isles in WoW Dragonflight

How to get to the Dragon Isles in WoW Dragonflight 0

Enter the new expansion with a fresh start

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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has infused quite a bit of interest into the waning-WoW landscape, as it promises a whole new era of the game that may or may not deliver. As we wait for Dragonflight‘s legacy to simmer, here’s how to get to the Dragon Isles and actually start the expansion.

Get the quest when you load in, and be at least level 58

As is the case with expansions in the past, World of Warcraft will give you a quick assist and remind you that yes, the new expansion is out, and you can start the main story questline immediately. No matter what your progress is in Shadowlands, just click that Dragon Isles prompt and you’ll automatically get the first quest you need.

If you missed out on the quest prompt, you can press shift+J to open up the Adventure Guide. Note that you will need to be level 58 or higher to go there.

Head to Orgrimmar or Stormwind

Depending on your faction, either capital city will be the home base for getting to the Dragon Isles. The questlines are very simple: and involve two cutscenes, presented by NPCs that are wrapped up in the new Dragonflight storyline. In Orgrimmar, you’ll just go to the north end of the city and speak to the NPC there to kick things off.

After that, all you need to do is chat with a few NPCs right near you (marked on the map), and they’ll send you toward the major mode of transportation (for the horde, this is a zeppelin called the Defiant Dragonscale right outside of the city – for the alliance, it’s a boat called the Rugged Dragonscale found in Stormwind harbor). Listen to more story from an NPC (with a skippable cutscene) and wait for transportation to arrive.

Take the public transport through the questline to Dragon Isles

Once you’re on your way, the game will take you directly to the Dragon Isles to start your new year plus long expansion journey.

If you’re horde, do not jump off the zeppelin! You do not have flight capabilities anymore since you’re in the new Dragon Isles region.

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