How to get through the green gates in Jedi Survivor

It’s a critical path unlock

Very early on in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you’ll come across a series of green gates. Given how quickly they appear it would make sense to unlock the power to pass through them (or turn them off) near the start of the game, but that’s not the case!

Don’t fret though! You’ll automatically unlock the power to get through the green gates later on in the story with a combination of two abilities. Here’s how it all plays out.

[Vague story spoilers are mentioned below, regarding a character’s appearance.]

You’ll unlock the ability to dash through the green gates midway through the story

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you’ll make your way from planet to planet until you reach the Pilgrim’s Sanctuary on Jedha. This is following the section where you’re gifted the air dash ability.

There, Merrin will provide you with a key item: Merrin’s Charm. This allows you to air dash through green gates automatically, without doing anything special. From here on out, you can permanently dash through green gates. Note that while dashing through, green gates reset your double jump and dash: which allow you to reach greater heights when using the gates in tandem with your aerial abilities.

Remember to head back to old areas (including houses right near the saloon in Koboh) to locate easily accessible hidden areas that contain chests blocked by green gates.

Red gates can be tackled the same way

Later in the game you’ll encounter red gates, which can also be dashed through just like green gates. Although these look different and you may not dash through them innately, you can head right through them after they appear.

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