How to get the Vinegaroon Mount in FFXIV

Is it a dinosaur?

Final Fantasy XIV Vinegaroon Mount Guide

One of the coolest mounts in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is the Vinegaroon Mount. The carnivorous scalekin with a jaw reminiscent of claws is one of the more more ferocious mounts of the expansion. However, finding out how to get the Vinegaroon Mount in FFXIV can be kind of tricky. Thankfully, one you know how to get the mount, it can be done so pretty quickly as long as you know what you are doing.

How to get the Vinegaroon Mount in FFXIV
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Where to get the Vinegaroon Mount in Final Fantasy XIV

You can purchase the Vinegaroon Mount in FFXIV by visiting either J’Iakshai or Wilmetta in-game. J’Iakshai can be found at Old Sharlayan at the co-ordinates 11.8, 13.2. Wilmetta can be found in Radz-at-Han at the coordinates 10.5, 7.4. Both of these NPC’s are Guildship Hunt Vendors which will sell you the Vinegaroon Horn for 3,200 Sacks of Nuts. Using the Horn will give you access to the Vinegaroon Mount.

Best way to farm Sacks of Nuts in FFXIV

The absolute best way to farm Sacks of Nuts in FFXIV is to join a Hunt Train. In a Hunt Train, a large group of players travel from region to region tracking down and eliminating Hunts all over FFXIV. The best way to find a Hunt Train is to either join an in-game Cross-World- Linkshell that exists specifically for setting up Hunt Trains, or join a Hunt Train Discord server such as Centurio Hunts.

Here you will find like-minded people who are finding active Hunts and taking them out as a group quickly, which will increase how many Sacks of Nuts you are getting.

If you want to play solo and more casually however, you will not need a Hunt Train. Instead, visit a website like FFXIVHunt where you can generate an optimal route for completing your daily hunts as well as Hunt Timers for the elite targets.

Now that you know how to get the Vinegaroon Mount in FFXIV, start farming your Sacks of Nuts and obtain your dino mount!

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