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How to get the Sunshadow Staff in Octopath Traveler 2

Don’t trust the creepy voices

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Throughout Octopath Traveler 2, there are various legendary and difficult-to-acquire weapons that can provide a big boon in battle. One of these is the Sunshadow Staff, a weapon specifically boosting a Cleric’s ability to dish out holy damage. But in order to get the Sunshadow Staff in Octopath Traveler 2, you’ll need to deal with one creepy kid.

You might stumble across some suspicious items naturally, as you’re picking pockets- ahem, chatting with NPCs around the city of Gravell. Or you might be led there by a hint from the guildmaster of the Clerics Guild, who tells you about a tale they heard growing up in Gravell. Either way, it requires a little sleuthing that we’ll guide you through.

How to find the STuFfeD Toy in Octopath Traveler 2

Upon entering the town of Gravell, in the north-eastern tip of the western continent, you will find a group of children standing around. One of them comments about being scared of things at night, and when you try to pick their pockets with a class ability like Throne’s, you’ll find an un-stealable item: the STuFfeD Toy. With the creepy note asking you to play with the toy, that seems like the ticket.

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However, this poor, cursed boy’s existence is not our problem to solve. At least, not for the Sunshadow Staff. While it certainly insinuates there’s some creepiness going on in Gravell, there’s a different child we’ll be dealing with outside the city limits.

How to fight the secret Sunshadow Staff encounter in Octopath Traveler 2

Following the hints from the Cleric guildmaster, head to the cliff outside Gravell and change the time to night. Wait patiently, as the time creeps towards dawn, and a different boy will emerge and stand near the cliff’s edge. Here, you’ll need to employ Temenos’ Coerce Path Action.

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After initiating the Coerce, you’ll be pit against a shadowy force, and it’s pretty darn tough. You’ll need to break through 15 layers of shields to get the info you need. And the bad news is, this enemy is both strong and brings some extra nasty abilities to the fight, including some hefty status effects and an outright ticking-clock death mechanic.

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We recommend you check out our guide to easily coercing enemies as Temenos to get some general pointers for how to deal with this. Alongside the Scholar-Latent Power synergy, here are some additional tips:

  • Use Mystic Staff! The shadow is weak to staff hits and that’s two potential attacks.
  • Keep lots of healing items handy.
  • Equip dark-negating equipment like the Void Amulet or Dark Amulet.
  • Make use of your support skills; the Merchant’s Boost-Start and Full Power, the Cleric’s Rise Again, and Apothecary’s Preventative Measures can all be useful here.

That said, you’ll still need a fairly strong Temenos to make this happen. I managed to clear the fight with Temenos roughly around level 45, so it may be fairly late into the game that you get this item.

After beating the shadow, you’ll get some special information and be pointed towards a nearby item. Pick it up, and the Sunshadow Staff is yours for use throughout the rest of Octopath Traveler 2!

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