How to get the Stone of Truth in Octopath Traveler 2

It’s truly great for magic users

The Stone of Truth is an incredible accessory for spellcasters in Octopath Traveler 2. Once equipped, it will augment a spell’s intensity for the duration of a battle with the same buff that Advanced Magic grants. This has a few caveats: you sacrifice an accessory slot for this perk, and it’s still technically inferior to the buff that Alephan’s Wisdom gives. Still, if you’re tired of taking turns to set up Scholars like Osvald in every battle, the Stone of Truth is a fantastic find.

In truth, getting to the Stone of Truth takes quite a bit of work. You’ll likely won’t obtain it before the late game of Octopath Traveler 2 unless you are really overpowered (which is not out of the question). Here are the steps you’ll need to take.

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The secret of Beneath the Wall

To find the dungeon that houses the Stone of Truth, you’ll need to do a bit of preparation. Just south of Stormhail in the Southern Stormhail Snows, you’ll see a structure with a few NPCs hanging around. One of them warns you to “try not to bring too many people around here,” which is your vague clue to solve this mystery. To proceed, bring three of the four following characters: Agnea, Temenos, Partitio, and Ochette. Have every single one of them recruit an NPC to follow behind you.

Though you don’t need to use all four of them for this task, considering bringing them all anyway. If each of them has an NPC following behind you, the “Octopath Traveler…?” Trophy/Achievement will unlock.

With this oversized crew in mind, head to the structure once more and look for the entrance to “Beneath the Wall” (pictured above). Go past the save point and try to walk on the bridge. With so many people in tow, the bridge will collapse and you’ll unlock the optional dungeon Infernal Castle. Now, keep in mind that you don’t have to explore the Infernal Castle with this party.  Once the bridge collapses, your party can freely climb up and down it like a ladder. This is good, because you’ll want to bring your strongest fighters to brave these depths.

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The Infernal Castle guide

The Infernal Castle has a danger level of 55, making it one of the fiercest dungeons in the game. By the time you’re ready to explore this place, you should have some fairly overpowered strategies to deal with common enemies. I personally slap the Full Power support skill on my strongest fighters to instantly clear encounters with powerful Latent Powers. A Step Ahead and Boost Power are also great support skills for random battles. Of course, Evasive Maneuvers and Evil Ward work as well if you’d rather avoid fighting entirely.

Traverse this dungeon as you would any other. Uncover the treasures hidden throughout, such as the Blizzard Amulet, Lost Tribe’s Staff, and Serpent Slayer. That said, the Stone of Truth is a little trickier to get to. In order to reach this particular item, you’ll need to fight the Dreadwolf.

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Get the High Priest’s Book of Scripture by beating the Dreadwolf

While it’s not why you came here, the High Priest’s Book of Scripture will be yours after defeating the Dreadwolf. Bring this to the Cleric’s Guild to get an additional license for the job. As for the boss itself, it will seem difficult without proper preparation. However, if Partitio uses the Arcanist job, he can absolutely break the encounter in half. Check out our dedicated guide for more information on how to defeat the Dreadwolf.

Once the boss is defeated, run to the treasure chest ahead and you’ll receive the Stone of Truth. Unless you want to encounter the Dreadwolf again to capture it as Ochette, you can freely leave this dungeon and carry on with your journey. Funny enough, the NPCs above ground will act like nothing’s different, even though you defied the only thing they asked of you. Oh well, if people can act normal after Osvald attempts to mug them, I guess this isn’t terribly out of the question either.

This is the only Stone of Truth that has been discovered in the game, so make sure to keep it safe. Don’t sell it by mistake!

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