How to get the Ripper in Dead Space Remake 2023

It’s not as blatantly obvious as a few other guns

One of the most stressful things about an open world game is that fleeting feeling that you’re missing something.¬†Dead Space has this anxiety present in spades, especially since you ultimately need to choose between certain weapon loadouts: lest you take up too much previous inventory space. Here’s where to find the Ripper in the remake.

You can find the Ripper in Chapter 3 in the Dead Space remake

The Ripper is located roughly at the start of Chapter 3, which is near the beginning of the game overall.

Once you start Chapter 3, you’ll kick things off by heading through the hangar into a new area. Once you propel yourself downward and into the first door you see, you’ll enter a hub zone of sorts (with a shop to boot). Walk straight ahead into the main computer console area and activate the trigger on the monitor.

From there, head left from the main console room and into the door to the Preparation Room. Walk down the stairs and you’ll see a dead body on the ground with a shiny object: that’s the Ripper!

Screenshot by Destructoid

Is the Ripper a good weapon?

The Ripper is incredibly useful for clearing out all types of enemies, from small packs to larger elites.

Its primary fire is a multi-faceted bit of weaponry as it holds a blade in place in front of it for roughly seven seconds; which can be used to continuously shred any amount of enemies. Not only can you wildly swing it to take down groups of Necromorphs, you can also hold it on appendages for larger threats to do constant damage.

Its alt fire is versatile as well, as it lobs ricocheting blades at a distance: if you can’t get close to someone, you can toss a blade at them safely. Also try and aim with the ricochet in mind, like directly in front of a wall (where it’ll rebound back for another hit). It’s one of the few weapons that serves multiple roles, and putting it in your loadout (especially earlier into the game) will pay dividends.

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