How to get the Poncho in Jedi Survivor

You need to beat a boss first on Koboh

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has a few surprises up its sleeve, especially for returning players who already joined Cal Kestis on their first journey in Fallen Order. Here’s where to find the (iconic?) poncho outfit, which requires a bit of legwork on Koboh.

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How to find the Poncho in Jedi Survivor

The Poncho is found on the planet Koboh, in the Fort Kah’Lin area. This is a completely optional zone, so it’s missable. If you’re looking at the Koboh map with Pyloon’s Saloon oriented to the northwest, you’ll want to head due east outside of the main hub town and make your way to Fort Kah’Lin.

The easiest route into the fort is through the front gate, to the north. The fort is adorned with all sorts of spikes and (dead) Stormtrooper gear, so you can’t miss it. We have an easy route to the fort marked on the map above. When you get inside, make sure you head to the center and grab the meditation fast travel waypoint inside the fort.

From the fast travel waypoint, head south into the fort and look up for a place to use the Ascension Cable (grappling hook). Veer left and make your way across a series of bridges until you come to a landing pad zone. Do not step on the landing pad until you’re ready to fall down and fight the ensuing miniboss.

Clearing out the enemies here is optional, but it might make your life easier in the ensuing fight.

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How to beat the Spawn of Oggdo boss

Now that you’ve found the room with the poncho chest, only the Spawn of Oggdo stands between you and your loot.

As a rule, you’ll want to bring the blaster style to take this one down easily. Fire off all of the blaster shots you have (going into the fight with a full magazine is ideal). Save your time slow ability (L3+R3) until you need to recharge some blaster shots: trigger it, run it, get a few potshots with your saber, then run back out.

Even without the blaster, this fight is more than doable. You’re going to have to risk some bigger hits if you mess up the parry/dodge timing, but dodging backward is key for avoiding most of Oggdo’s attacks. When in doubt, dodge Oggdo instead of parrying. Their attacks are swift and can dole out tons of damage (especially if it tries to eat you). Again, dodging backward will sidestep most of their attacks, including a standard video game boss fight body slam, and the mid-range tongue attack.

It only took me two attempts to beat it, as I was daydreaming a bit on the first run and he chomped on me unexpectedly!

You’ll get the Poncho outfit as a reward after the fight

Once you’ve beaten the boss, you’re able to interact with the chest in the back of the room. Simply open it up and you’ll get the Poncho!

It has a default color setting of pink, but there are five more options to choose from.

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