Pokemon Scarlet Violet Hidden Treasures Uniforms

How to get the new DLC uniform sets in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

You plan on going out in public wearing that?

Since Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are so insistent that you wear a school uniform for your adventure, you’d think they’d at least provide more options for how you wear it. The good news is that purchasing The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC nets you some new duds to show your school spirit. The bad news is just look at them.

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They aren’t much worse than the ones that are already in the game, but I feel like that was a low bar to step over. I get that they want to stick with the Scarlet and Violet color coding, but the trick to adding more color to semi-formal attire is to add just a pop of color. Like the tie; they could have just made the ties carry the bright colors. Doing the shorts or jackets in those colors overwhelms the look.

That’s beside the point, though. I’m not here to ridicule your fashion sense. Not to your face, anyway. What you’re here to see is how to get the DLC uniform sets. Well, here it is:

How to get the DLC uniform sets

First, you’re going to need to purchase The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC from the Nintendo eShop. Once you have confirmation, makes sure your version of Pokemon Scarlet or Violet is updated to the latest version. Once it is, you then launch into the game.

Press X to bring up the menu. Select “Downloadable Content” from the options. From there, choose “Check item details.” Then it’s just a matter of pressing A to have some garish new uniforms added to your collection.

If you’ve bought The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC, you can claim the uniforms right now without having to wait for the full release. As for how you should accessorize the new outfits, well, you’re on your own. There’s no saving them.

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