How to get the Nemesis Operator Pack in Modern Warfare 3

Be prepared to pay a hefty price.

How to get the Nemesis Operator Pack in MW3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the latest entry in the long-running sub-series. Ahead of its upcoming November 10, 2023 release date, players have the chance to pre-purchase and guarantee the Nemesis Operator Pack. Here’s how to get this DLC cosmetics pack and what it contains.

How to get the Nemesis Operator Pack in Modern Warfare 3 

The only way to obtain the Modern Warfare 3 Nemesis Operator Pack is if you purchase the Vault Edition of the game. The standard version, including the Cross-Gen Bundle, doesn’t include this DLC pack. If you want the Nemesis Operator Pack, you’ll have to shell out the full $99.99 to get the Vault Edition. It doesn’t seem like it will be sold separately at this time.

The Nemesis Operator Pack comes with the following impressive items:

  • Four multiplayer Operator characters
  • Unique skins for each of the four characters

The four characters you get through this package are some of the fan favorites from past games: Captain Price, Ghost, Warden, and Makarov. These are some of the central heroes and villains featured in the upcoming single-player campaign.

You’ll also get an exclusive skin for each of these characters, including a blue and silver variant for the Task Force 141 members Price and Ghost. On the other hand, the Konni Group’s Warden and Makarov will receive their own red and black exclusive skins.

The Nemesis Operator Pack will go live on the first day the game is out. It’s possible but unconfirmed if you’ll be able to get this DLC after launch. For now, the only way to guarantee you get it is to pre-order the Vault Edition.

MW3 Vault Edition explained

The Nemesis Operator Pack isn’t the only goodie you’ll get with the MW3 Vault Edition. In addition to those cosmetics, you’ll also receive the following items:

  • Campaign early access (available to all pre-order versions)
  • Open beta early access (available to all pre-order versions)
  • Soap Operator Pack (available to all pre-order versions)
  • Two weapon vaults
  • Season 1 Blackcell

The first three are available to all versions of the game, including the standard edition. The other exclusive add-ons for the pricey Vault Edition are the two weapon vaults and Season 1 Blackcell. These are a unique take on weapon blueprints, making them more freeform and universal.

Instead of forcing you to use certain attachments to enjoy a weapon blueprint’s skin, you can use these weapon vault skins on any attachments for their weapons. There are Task Force 141 and Konni Group weapon vaults available.

Finally, players will also get the Season 1 Blackcell when it drops in December. This includes the Battle Pass and the extra Blackcell sector with its additional rewards, including up to 1,100 extra Call of Duty Points.

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