How to get the intermediate engineer rig upgrade in Dead Space Remake (2023)

More inventory slots!

In Dead Space, whether it’s the original or the remake, upgrades are king. When you can just pop in another suit upgrade for more health and precious inventory slots, it can completely change the way you approach the game. Here’s where to find the intermediate engineer rig upgrade.

You’ll find the intermediate engineer rig upgrade near the end of Chapter 4

As a reminder, upgrading your rig (suit) will give you more inventory slots and extra damage resistance. It’s one of the most important single items you can find in the game. So it’s important to be aware that it’ll be present once you reach Chapter 4!

Sandwiched in-between the Contact Beam and the ADS cannon sequence, you’ll find a room with the rig upgrade just sitting there on a bench near the back wall. The room is called the “EVA prep room,” and it’s part of a long hallway on the way to calibrate the cannons.

When you have the objective to “Calibrate Three ADS Cannons,” make you way to the ominous hallway that leads out to space (pictured in the gallery above). Instead of continuing on with the core objective, veer right and enter the door there to access the EVA prep room. Grab the upgrade, then head back to the next shop and purchase/implement the upgrade.

From there you’re good to go! Every single upgrade or piece of weaponry is an advantage you’ll want to have in Dead Space, especially on higher difficulties.

Chris Carter
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