How to get the flamethrower in Dead Space Remake 2023

It’s hard to miss this one, but it’s near the end of Chapter 3

You can’t really make a sci-fi game where you fight some sort of alien-like force¬†without a flamethrower. It’s against intergalactic law! Naturally¬†Dead Space has one, so here’s a quick rundown on how to find it, and how it performs.

You can find the flamethrower in Chapter 3 in the Dead Space remake

Midway through Chapter 3, you’ll be tasked with restarting (then dodging) a centrifuge. Shortly following this section, you’ll enter a series of rooms on the way to the engine room objective: where you’ll encounter the flamethrower.

You’ll know the area when you see it, as it’ll be littered with a ton of organic mass all along the floors and walls. Grab the shining object from the body on the wall to acquire the flamethrower.

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Is the flamethrower a good weapon?

If you’re strapped for inventory/loadout space, and don’t have a lot of nodes to throw at the flamethrower, consider benching (storing) it for the time being.

Range is often king against some of the more vicious¬†Dead Space enemies, and having to get in close severely limits the best use cases for the flamethrower. Even in terms of its secondary fire, given how mobile-centric many Necromorphs are, putting up a fire wall isn’t always the most effective plan of attack. Plus, the Ripper (which you can pick up before the flamethrower) can handle groups while offering up more functionality for ranged confrontations.

Finally, you need to consider that your loadout consists of four weapons, and adding the flamethrower into that mix could hamper your overall efficacy against an array of enemies. You want to have the four best weapons for the job, and multiple other weapons in the game fulfill several roles compared to the limited use of the flamethrower.

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