How to get the Chicken Hat accessory in the Resident evil 4 remake

What came first: Leon or Leon’s Jacket

Leon can don all sorts of hip and silly gear in the Resident Evil 4 remake, including a Chicken Hat. I know what you’re thinking: I want it! Well, it’s one of the tougher accessories to pick up. Here’s how to get it.

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Beat the game on Hardcore with an S+ rank to get the Chicken Hat

The Chicken Hat can be purchased from the extras shop for 2,000 CP (challenge points) after clearing the game on Hardcore (hard) with an S+ rank.

To get an S+ rank in Hardcore, you’ll need to beat the game in five hours and 30 minutes (5:30:00) with a fresh playthrough. Like all other difficulties, achieving S+ isn’t possible on a “New Game+” run, where you have access to all sorts of goodies and weaponry from a prior run. We have a full breakdown of all of the S/S+ rank requirements here. Like all other accessories, you can swap it in-game (you don’t need to be in the main menu like costumes).

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We recommend waiting until your second run to go for the Chicken Hat

Although many Resident Evil veterans will no doubt be up for the challenge, it’s best to go for an S+ ranking on Hardcore on your second run. As a reminder, Hardcore mode literally makes everything harder, and charges more Pesetas (in-game cash) for items at The Merchant.

Remember, you don’t want to “chain” that second run though. Make a completely new game under a new file and ensure that it says “playthrough 1” when saving. You don’t want to get all the way through and realize that you were playing on New Game+!

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