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How to get the Anime Sword in Roblox Blade Ball?

A sword once wielded by Mother nature herself.

In Roblox, players are constantly on the hunt for exclusive and rare items to enhance their gaming experience. One such coveted item is the Anime Sword. This limited-time weapon skin, adorned with a captivating blue aura, has captured the attention of players worldwide. Here’s how to get the Anime Sword in Roblox Blade Ball.

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How to get the Anime Sword in Roblox Blade Ball?

The Anime Sword is currently exclusive to the Japan region. You can get this sword for 699 Robux. Unfortunately, for players who are not in Japan, obtaining the anime sword directly may be a challenging endeavor. They can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to bypass restrictions and access servers in the Japan region.

However, using a VPN to access content outside of your designated region is a violation of Roblox’s terms and conditions. Engaging in such activities may result in severe consequences, including account suspension or permanent bans. Therefore, it is strongly advised against using a VPN to obtain the Anime Sword.

As a limited-time item, the availability of the Anime Sword may change in future updates. The game developers, Wiggity, have the authority to decide whether to extend the availability of the Anime Sword to other regions. While there are no guarantees, it is possible that the Anime Sword may become accessible to players outside of Japan in the future.

While the Anime Sword may be out of reach for players outside of Japan, there are still ways to enjoy other in-game rewards and freebies in Blade Ball. By utilizing various codes and participating in events, players can earn valuable boosts and items to enhance their gameplay.

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