Where to find Shroud Liquid in Enshrouded (Farming and Map)

When god gives you poison, make poisonade.

Enshrouded land

The world of Enshrouded has fallen to a blight known only as the Shroud, an apparent fungal infection tainting the land and consuming all those who stand too close to it for too long. It’s also the source of a very handy in-universe resource, Shroud Liquid.

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Before embarking into the Shroud, make sure you’ve got a Stone Axe or something handy to beat things with. It’s not a must, but pretend like it is, anyway, ’cause it certainly speeds up the process.

Farming Shroud Liquid, quick and early

The Shroud is everywhere, so getting Shroud Liquid is a fairly easy task, but it mostly exists in grown Shroud mushrooms. Thus, not all foggy areas are good farming grounds for the materials. To get this liquid, I recommend destroying and looting big shrooms, like the ones you see below.

Bash these things with a weapon a few times, and they should drop a few Shroud Liquid. You can make work of them in more creative ways, but a weapon makes this faster. And now that you know what you’re looking for, you also need to know there’s one big problem: the Shroud.

As soon as you enter the first foggy area, Enshrouded warns players not to venture too deep into infected territory. In the screenshot above, note the word “Enshrouded” below the compass. It’s not there to remind you of the game’s title, but rather to warn you of a state of peril. When you see that, it means that you’re in contact with the dangerous toxin emanating from the miasma. Pay attention to the bar, and don’t linger long.

Shroud Liquid map locations

Now, as for a good place to farm Shroud Liquid right at the start of the game, you need not look any further than the entire area below the Braelyn Bridge, which sits just a few meters north of your first campsite. Dip in, then dip right back out in the early game so you can run home to craft.

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