How to get Seraph key codes and Resonate Stems in Destiny 2

How to get Seraph key codes in Destiny 2

They’re active during the Season of the Seraph

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I’ve said this so often with live service games: but another season, another currency. This time in Destiny 2 it’s the Seraph key codes, which are of course added as part of the Season of the Seraph festivities. Here’s what they do and how to make sense of them.

What do you do with Seraph key codes?

You’ll use them to interact with the Heist Battleground activity: which is one of the playlists for the Season of the Seraph. After acquiring 500 Seraph key codes, you can use them to loot a chest following the completion of a Heist Battleground run (with seasonal Seraph items within).

Note that there’s a max loot pile of 2000 Seraph key codes: offload them when you get the chance.

What do you do with Resonate Stems?

After acquiring four Resonate Stems, you’ll be able to combine them into an Override Frequency item. The game will provide you with a hint of where to go to locate a chest (which is diamond-shaped): which rewards players with a randomized weapon from the Season of the Seraph.

Here’s a full list of activities you can do to farm Seraph key codes

  • Heroic public events
  • Heist battlegrounds
  • Crucible playlists (PVP)
  • Vanguard playlists (PVE)
  • Gambit playlists (PVPvE)

Public events are one of the quickest ways to farm Seraph key codes, because they’re low key, you can generally do something else while you’re participating, they’re fast, and they’re mostly a sure thing.

There’s a few important things to keep in mind. You need to actually fully complete the activity to loot the currency: it’s not something that’s dropped mid-run that you can check off a list and leave with. Also, my tests have been all over the place in terms of yields, but repeating the same activity may result in lower Seraph key code rewards.

A full list of activities you can do to farm Resonate Stems

  • Public events (any will do, but you’ll get more from heroics)
  • Patrol elite kills/patrols
  • Chests
  • Lost Sectors
  • Dailies
  • Heist battlegrounds chests (make sure you have 500 Seraph keys)
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