How to get Rare Candy in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

EXP Candy will do the job too

Although Rare Candy did a lot of heavy-lifting in the past in terms of fast-leveling: Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has several options available. Here’s how to get more Rare Candy if you need it.

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Tera Raiding is the easiest way to farm Rare Candy

When you’re at the point where you’re comfortable completing high level raids, the candy will flow like….candy. Not only can you farm Rare Candy from high level Tera Raids (read: five-star or above), but you’ll also get copious amounts of other types of EXP candy.

We have a full guide for getting raid-ready right here.

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If you’re so inclined, Rare Candy can drop as an Academy Ace Tournament reward

While this is far from the most efficient method for farming any one item (because rewards are randomly doled out), Rare Candy can be earned from the Academy Ace Tournament: which is unlocked in the postgame.

If your file is “freshly” into the endgame as it were, running the Academy Ace Tournament a few times to pick up some rarer items isn’t a bad idea.

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You’ll also find Rare Candy on the ground in the overworld

Rare Candy can pop up in red Pokeball pickups randomly, so keep your eyes out for them. They’re not as plentiful as Tera Raiding, but you’ll be picking them up as you go.

Spot them via a special off-color marking on the Pokeball.

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Also remember that EXP candy is more plentiful

As you may have noticed from the above raid reward image, you get a ton of candy from raiding: not just “Rare Candy.” For the most part these various sizes of candies are equivalent, especially the large and XL varieties, which provide multiple level growth spurts, depending on the target Pokemon’s level.

When farming raids, these EXP candies can be invaluable to stock up and use to quickly raise Pokemon’s levels.

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