How to get a nuke in MW3 Warzone
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How to get a nuke in MW3 Warzone

Just win every Warzone match and you'll be fine.

In the most recent version of the Call of Duty battle royale mode, Warzone, players can earn a nuke. Just like in multiplayer, which requires 30 kills without dying, a nuke ends the match and results in an instant win. However, 30 kills without dying in Warzone is too tall an order, so there are other ways to get a nuke in MW3 Warzone.

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How to unlock a Warzone nuclear bomb Champion’s Quest

The Champion’s Quest in Warzone is the mission you unlock when a nuke is available. In the previous iteration of Call of Duty, it was more commonly known as ‘the nuke contract’. Additionally, the previous method of earning a shot at the Champion’s Quest is still available, but another (easier) method is possible too.

Unlock the Champion’s Quest by doing one of the following:

  • Win 5 Warzone games in a row
  • Win 30 Warzone games total

Once either of these objectives is completed, you’ll unlock the Champion’s Quest nuke contract. You can start the contract as soon as you enter your next game of Warzone, though you aren’t forced to do it right away.

How to complete the nuke contract

Once you’ve earned the Warzone nuke contract, the quest location is marked by a gold crown on your map. Head there and start the contract if you’re ready, and it’ll immediately ask you to locate and pick up a Geiger counter. Like the contract, it’s marked in gold on your map, only it’ll appear as a telephone with wings on the sides. Once you have it, check your map for the green zone now marked. You’ll have to make your way there and find a special cache to loot, which gives you the Beryllium element.

You’ll repeat this process until you’ve got Beryllium, Tritium, and Plutonium, the three elements required to build a Warzone nuke. Tritium is inside a safe you’ll have to drill into, and Plutonium is earned by shooting down a helicopter carrying it. With all three elements in-hand, you’ll now have to make your way to the marked bomb site location on your map. Then, someone in your squad will have to approach the bombsite and arm the nuke, and everyone else needs to be ready to fight.

You’ll have to defend the bombsite for two minutes before detonation. During this time, other teams can disarm the bomb or wipe your squad. Killing your entire team allows another team to take the contract for themselves. However, if you’re still standing when two minutes is up, everyone on the map will die and your team will earn a Champion’s Victory.

Best Warzone loadout for getting a nuke

A Call of Duty MW3 Warzone player choosing their loadout

While playing Call of Duty: Warzone, there are loads of different ways to play. Some players like to be aggressive and earn as many kills as possible. Others like to hide in a corner or a rooftop and wait for others to pass before destroying their prey. Earning a nuke contract is all about getting the win.

If the Champion’s Quest is your primary goal, forget about kills and everything else in the game. Moreover, winning is much easier when you’re not playing aggressive. Pushing after enemy players in buildings, hot-dropping, and doing other kill-earning tasks are sure to get you killed faster most of the time. For winning games, all that matters is being the last man standing, and this loadout will give you the best chance at doing so.

RAM- 7

  • Casus Break Muzzle
  • Cronen Headwind Long Barrel
  • Bruen Heavy Support Underbarrel
  • 60 Round Drum
  • HVS 3.4 Pad Stock


  • Zehmn35 Compensator Muzzle
  • Thorn-90 Barrel
  • DR-6 Handstop
  • 50 Round Drum
  • Folding Stock


  • Throwing Knives – A one-hit kill and instant finisher on downed players. The best lethal option right now.
  • Smoke Grenades – Stocking up on smokes in your inventory throughout a match is essential. You’ll want to smoke the armed bomb almost constantly to stay safe while defending it.


  • Double Time – Longer tactical sprint duration and recharge it more quickly. Getting to each Champion’s Quest objective fast is vital.
  • Sleight of Hand – Reload faster. You don’t want to get caught in the open while reloading, especially with only seconds remaining on the nuke countdown or in the final circle of your fifth straight win.
  • Tempered – Reduce the required number of armor plates to be at full armor from three to two. Like Sleight of Hand, this perk helps keep you ready to shoot and defend yourself, rather than sliding more armor plates into your vest.

Using this loadout will undoubtedly help in winning some gun fights and getting where you need to go quickly in Warzone. However, it’s still up to your gun skill, positioning, and a little bit of luck to squeak out five straight wins or a total of 30. After that, good luck with the Champion’s Quest nuke contract, you’re going to need it.

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