How to get Nascent Dreaming Crests in WoW 10.2

The currency tab is nice, but it changes how to craft Enchanted Crests

WoW 10.2 Nascent Dreaming Crests vendor Andoris

A very welcome quality of life change to WoW 10.2 simplified the way Mythic+ currency works. Previous seasons gave you Crest Fragments that you then turned into Crests, which really clogged up your inventory. Instead, now you are given the crests directly as a completed currency that goes into your currency tab. Due to this change, how you craft Enchanted Crests for crafted gear has changed a little bit. Here is how to get Nascent Dreaming Crests in WoW 10.2.

WoW 10.2 Where is the vendor for exchanging Nascent Dreaming Crests?
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Where is the vendor for exchanging Nascent Dreaming Crests?

The vendor named Andoris who exchanges your Crests for Nascent Dreaming Crests can be found in Valdrakken next to the Enchanting station. If you look at the screenshot above, Andoris is located in the red circle. There are a few other vendors that can exchange your Crests into Nascent Dreaming Crests, but Andoris is the easiest one to find and also the easiest to access when crafting.

How do the new Nascent Dreaming Crests work?

As you complete M+ dungeons, you will receive Dreaming Crests based on the level of key you completed. Here is the list of Dreaming Crests in WoW 10.2 and what key ranges they are given:

  • Whelpling’s Dreaming Crest — Obtained in M+1 – M+5 dungeons.
  • Drake’s Dreaming Crest — Obtained in M+6 – M+10 dungeons.
  • Wyrm’s Dreaming Crest — Obtained in M+1 – M+5 dungeons.
  • Aspect’s Dreaming Crest — Obtained in M+16 and higher dungeons.

All Dreaming Crests currency have their own unique progressive weekly cap of 90. This means that for example, in total through week 5, you can acquire a total of 450 Dreaming Crests.

Now in order to craft this season’s best gear, you will need Enchanted Nascent Dreaming Crests. Enchanters can craft these, which require the non-enchanted Nascent Dreaming Crest. If you visit the Andoris vendor, you can exchange the Dreaming Crests for Nascent ones at these rates:

  • Nascent Whelpling’s Dreaming Crest = 30 Whelpling’s Dreaming Crest
  • Nascent Wyrm’s Dreaming Crest = 45 Wyrm’s Dreaming Crest
  • Nascent Asept’s Dreaming Crest = 60 Aspect’s Dreaming Crest

From here, you can then create crafting order to turn your Nascent Dreaming Crests into Enchanted ones. Now that you know how to get Nascent Dreaming Crests in WoW 10.2, you should be able to craft the higher Item Level gear you need for higher M+ dungeons.

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