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How to get longshot kills in Modern Warfare II

You’ll be a sharpshooter in no time

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There are many, many ways to eliminate other players in the Call of Duty franchise, but getting longshot kills has to be one of the most difficult among them. If you’re not sure what a longshot kill is, it’s pretty simple, really — it’s any kill with an assault rifle, marksman rifle, or sniper rifle from 60 meters away or more, or a kill from 30 meters away or more with a sub-machine gun.

There are a few reasons why you might need to get some longshot kills in Modern Warfare II, whether they’re to complete a daily challenge, to unlock a camo, or simply because they’re proof that you have some pretty sick aim, but either way, longshots are definitely something you should be shooting for, pun intended.

Use attachments to your advantage

While a lot of the time, whether or not you’re able to secure the kill will come down to landing your shots or not, there are a few things you can do to make it easier for you. First, attachments are your best friends. Your enemies will be effects on your gun like recoil or damage falloff, so mess around with different attachments until you find a build that feels steady at long distances.

Another attachment to pay extra special attention to is your scope. It’s amazing what having a sight that makes you feel more comfortable can do for your aim, so it’s important to try everything until you find something that works for you. For example, I can’t get a kill for the life of me with iron sights, while my buddy I play with swears by them. The key here is that different scopes and sights work for different people, and finding yours will go a long way.

Magnifying scopes are also a big help when you’re trying to get across-the-map kills, and I especially love the ones that let me zoom in and out. Just be careful with the scopes that give you a sniper glint, because you’ll be a sitting duck for an enemy with a well-thrown grenade or a rocket launcher.

Practice makes perfect

Finally, there’s the ability to steady your aim by holding in the left stick. It’s the kind of thing that takes some conscious practice at first, but once you get the muscle memory down, it can be a big help in keeping your avatar still enough to land those juicy headshots.

Not only are longshot kills satisfying as all hell, they also give you some extra score, counting for 110 points instead of the base 100 (you can see these in the little text notifications that pop up to the right of your sight when you secure a kill). Of course, this can also compound with other modifiers like defending a point or getting revenge on an enemy that just killed you, and especially if you’re using score streaks or trying to finish the match on top of the leaderboard, every point counts.

Don’t forget too that in order to get the coveted gold or platinum camos for your guns, you first need to unlock all the other camos for that gun or class, respectively. Getting longshot kills is one of the camo challenges, so if you want to show off a shiny, metallic camo, make sure you’re getting those kills from 60 (or 30) meters away. Happy hunting!

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