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How to get Heavy Core in Minecraft

Watch out, they're heavy.

Getting your hands on the mace in Minecraft requires obtaining a heavy core. However, while some resources are easy to find, the heavy core is almost entirely luck-based and can take hours if you’re unlucky. Let’s find out how to find this helpful material and all of its uses.

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Where to find a Heavy Core in Minecraft 1.21 update

Heavy cores spawn exclusively in Ominous Vaults within the Trial Chambers. While you’ll usually find regular vaults around the chambers, you’ll occasionally spot Ominous versions after completing particularly challenging rooms. These vaults are the ones you’re looking for, as these have a slight chance of dropping heavy cores. Most Trial Chambers have several Ominous Vaults available, giving you several opportunities to find one potentially.

Minecraft regular and ominous vault types
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When you obtain a key and open a vault, you’ll typically get a small assortment of items ranging from emeralds and diamonds to enchanted gear. However, while Ominous Vaults are similar in appearance and interactions, their loot is far more valuable, with heavy cores being one of their potential drops.

Even with this in mind, heavy cores are a rare drop from Ominous Vaults with a very small chance of appearing. In other words, don’t be too surprised if you don’t find it right away, as you’ll likely have to open several Ominous Vaults to obtain one. Depending on your luck, you may even have to explore multiple Trial Chambers.

Alongside heavy cores, you can also get diamond blocks, wind charges, and enchanted golden apples, among other items. You can also frequently find enchanted books, which can give you valuable enchantments if you’re lucky.

How to use Heavy Core in Minecraft

Heavy cores are an item you need to craft a mace. Alongside the heavy core, you also need a Breeze Rod, which you get from the Breeze enemies within Trial Chambers. Fortunately, you’ll likely encounter several Breezes while exploring the chambers and obtaining your heavy core.

Minecraft mace crafting recipe
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From here, you can use your mace as-is or enchant it. You can also use Breach and Density as mace-exclusive enchantments besides usual enchantments like Fire Aspect, Unbreaking, and Mending. Breach reduces the effectiveness of your enemy’s armor, while Density increases the damage you inflict from falling attacks.

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